Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wakey wakey little muse!  It's time to get up and get going!  Been far too long!

I'm writing this just to get myself past the "but I haven't written in so long" thoughts.  Now I have.  I've written three lines, and I'd guess I could probably write three more.  Shades of Alice's Restaurant... LOL

GK is amusing me tonight by posting story prompts.  I rarely respond to them - they seem to artificial and difficult to reconcile.  For instance:

The story is about a private spy. It takes place in an insane asylum in Mexico City. The story begins with smuggling and ends with an eavesdropping. The return of an ancient evil plays an important part in the story.

However, this one gave me pause:
The story is about a cab driver who is constantly opposed by a space cargo hauler. It starts in an outlaw nation. Magic is increasing in power, and that plays an important role in the story.
When the evil warlock, Xavier, having been imprisoned on Mars since being exiled from Earth in the early 21 century, begins plotting his return to the third planet, no inhabitant of the universe is safe.  Meanwhile, James John Davenport, aka Jimmy John, becomes increasingly disturbed by images he discovered on his daughter's palm-held holograph unit and narrowly misses a mid-air collision with one of Earth's most notorious space cargo pilots, a man known only as Mr. C.