Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dancin' in the moonlight, singing in the rain, oh it's good to be back home again

I returned to San Diego a week ago.  I wrote my first story since Christmas last night (which is probably how you found my blog).

It is indeed good to be back home again!  So many things fall back into place when I'm here.  My first tai chi class was this morning (although we did do World Tai Chi day on Saturday).  Tai chi is amazing and so good for your body and mind!  Tomorrow there's more tai chi, then Friday Zumba (*groans* I've been so bad for so long, I'm going to die, I just know it!)

Anyway, the reason I started this post like this is because I've found that when I'm settled, I can write.  When I'm facing difficulties, when life is uncertain or painful, I can only write things that are horribly introspective, and that is not something that's fit for human consumption. ;)

I see that I started a story in November and never finished it.  I may have to, I really dislike leaving things undone.  I'm also going to pull Merry and Inky out of their hiding place - in the two years that I've been traveling, they've never left my side.  (They even survived the sailboat trip!)  At this point they deserve closure!

Which reminds me, recently I found hiveword.com - I tend to lose details, and then I fret as I'm writing, which is not conducive to continuing to write!  So I'm going to use it as I go back through Merry on Mars and ... well..... get'r'done!