Thursday, June 16, 2011

Not actually the beginning

Many journeys start before you realize they've started. They begin in your mind. You watch something on television, you read something in a magazine. Soon you're searching on the 'net, trying to find out more information. You begin to look into the details, you start to learn about your destination.

Life's a journey, not a destination - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Before you get the incorrect idea that I'm well read, I didn't know that was a quote by him - I was thinking about the Aerosmith song and looked it up.

Here's the Aerosmith song if you're interested.

Anyway, this is not the beginning of my writing journey, I just felt like I needed to have a place to write about writing (!). So sometimes, when I'm not working on a story, I'll sit and ramble - I have a half hour a day goal that I have to meet. Other times, I will probably share what I've written, sometimes in hopes of gaining valuable feedback, and other times just for validation. Oh, and sometimes just because I've found that looking at a story when it's formatted differently makes it read differently. Weird, I know, but I never said I wasn't. ;)

F2K is officially complete until August. I'm pretty happy with how the session went. I made the commitment to write in earnest - that's a big one. I also feel like I learned a lot, most notably in the value of feedback, both giving and receiving. My wonderful mentor Granny picked one of my lessons to feature one week, and also picked my final story as the one to represent our room in the session-end contest. I was very happy about that, it felt like validation. The story did not fair well in the voting, and I'm not sure why. It may be that it's the wrong audience, it may be that the story was too ambitious for only 1,500 words, or, it may be that it sucked (of course, I don't believe that for a moment. HAH!) . I don't want to believe it sucked. I don't believe it sucked. But that doesn't mean it didn't! But it didn't! HAHAH! I will post it and let others decide!

Final item worth noting: if I post something, I would love feedback. If it sucks, I'd love to hear that - but if you're going to type that it sucks, then you have to play along and tell me why. You want me to improve, right? I know you do!

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