Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Day From Hell

I didn't have a good day.

You can tell I'm practicing my writing skills, because I did my best to not embellish that statement.  I didn't add "very".  I didn't add "!!!!!!!".  I didn't include a zillion adjectives or adverbs.  But just because I did not do any of that does not mean I didn't have a very very !!!!!!!!!!! terribly awfully horrendously abhorrently incredibly sucky day, because I did!

Ordinarily I would not share that thought with you.  I'm one of those "in with the bad, out with the good" type people - no one needs to hear more bad things, life is difficult enough!  But I shared that with you for one reason.  As I've posted about before, I've been doing the 750 words thing.  Most of the time I blather on for about 450 words, then I actually write/story tell for another 300 or so words.  That's what I intended to do tonight, since I obviously had lots to blather on about.  About 200 words into my typing, I realized I had jumped right in to my story.  No preface.  No blathering.  No nothing.  Just picked up where I'd left off last night and moved right along.

This morning I went out and did about 40 minutes of tai chi as a way to calm and focus myself.  I was pleased that it worked so well.  Tonight, writing had the exact same affect.  It took me away from my day, from my stress. I can't begin to express how incredibly amazed and happy I am about this.

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  1. That's fantastic! Sometimes it has the same effect on me. Then, sometimes I get all down and think I'm the suckiest writer ever. I hate the roller coaster. Maybe I need some tai chi. Or more wine...